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About Smolensky Bank

Smolensky Bank is a universal lending agency with head office in Smolensk and branches and network of additional offices in Moscow, the Moscow region, the Yaroslavl region and Smolensk region. The bank is focused on providing services to corporate and private clients, small and medium-sized businesses. Together with the "Askold" Bank it is a part of the “Smolensky Bank” Banking Group, and a member of the Deposit Insurance System. Basic directions of the Banking Group activity are crediting, international payments through own wide correspondent network, active operation on the securities market, issue and servicing of bank cards of international payment systems such as VISA Int. and MasterCard Int., factoring, settlement-cash service, private and business contributions, depositary service.

Key customers of the Bank are large and medium enterprises practically from all sectors of the real economy: construction, industrial, oil-extracting, investment, telecommunication, and jewelry companies. At present about 30 thousand corporate clients have chosen Smolensky Bank as a financial partner. Smolensky Bank devotes a special attention to small and medium-sized business, and keeps strong position in this market segment.

Licence number: 2029

In November of 2012 the National Rating Agency confirmed "A" level for the Smolensky Bank in the individual creditability rating (high creditability, level II) with a positive forecast. While formation of the rating NRA has noted upward dynamics of the financial performance proving successful realization of development program declared by the Smolensky Bank. Year by year net assets of the Bank have increased by 36%, up to 27 billion rubles, positions in the TOP-150 Russian banks by the amount of net assets have become stronger, volume of private contributions has increased by 60% and makes about 40% of the Bank obligations, volume of the corporate resources involved has increased by 25%.

The Bank is a member of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia ("Russia" Association), Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), National Securities Association (NSA), SWIFT International Settlement System, Money Transfer Systems such as Contact, MoneyGram, Blizko.

Today the Bank is a confident member of the largest banks of Russia by the amount of own funds. According to banki.ru on November 1, 2012, the amount of net assets was 28 billion 838 million 551 roubles, and the Smolensky Bank occupies 129 position by amount of assets among banks of Russia.

Reference information on Smolensky Bank — Moscow Branch

Smolensky Bank Open Joint-Stock Company — Moscow Branch

Shitov Pavell Nikolaevich
information as of 11.26.2012
Address: 127473, Moscow, 3rd Samotechny per., 11
Branches and ATMs
In your town Moscow


Telephone numbers:
(495) 785-55-55
8 800 200-22-62 — free call within Russia
Site: sbbg.ru


Bank Ratings

Rating by assets

Rating by mortgage credits issued

Rating by consumer credits issued

Rating by plastic cards issued

Bank Rating by net assets as of October 1, 2012

Bank Rating by volume of mortgage credits issued in 2011

Bank Rating by volume of unsecured credits issued in the 1st half-year of 2012

Bank Rating by number of "active" plastic cards by the results of the 1st half-year of 2012

Rank 131

Rank 52

Rank 30

Rank 52


Rating by credits issued for SMB

Banks by volume of credits issued for small and medium-sized businesses in 2011

Rank 17





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